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        Projects Abstracts

        To promote educational reform and encourage the two-language teaching practice, ‘Foreign teacher lecture’ project has been created in our city that was paid by government from 2006. It employed foreign teachers to teach English in different schools and editorial published the exclusive using reader《My Topics》which free provided for all students who took part in the students. This people-benefit project presents the first-rate service that provided by government. In the past 11 years, the scope and influence of this project continuously broadened and it has been covered in all feeder school of Suzhou. A range of events were held to improve the quality of projects: the studies of ‘comparing the Chinese and foreign lecture’ encouraged both Chinese and foreign teachers took teaching seminar. On the other side, expanding activities such as the ‘Future Star’ English Presentation competition for middle school student and the debate competition for high school students improve the personal activities of students. Furthermore, regular supporting weak schools could improve the benefits and influences of the projects. Now, the projects foreign teachers have become unforgettable resources among teachers for Suzhou. The mission of the people–benefit project is becoming more and more evident.

        Projects Mission
        • Improve the ability of English communication and improve students’ International Literacy.

        • Encouraging promoting the Chinese culture and communicating and combining with different cultures

        • Popularize high quality resource and speed up achieving the fair of education.

        Developing Journey
        • 2006

          The project began at three high schools including: the Suzhou sixteen middle school,Suzhou Nanhuan Experimental middle school, Suzhou Caixiang Middle School

        • 2007

          The projects had covered all of the junior two students of the nine ‘Suzhou double-language experimental Middle schools’

        • 2008

          Another seven non-Suzhou Double-language Experiential middle schools participated the project, which means all of the public schools in Suzhou participated projects

        • 2014

          The project had covered all junior two students in overall 16 middle schools, so as to the fifth grade students in two primary schools. The project provides free teaching material to all students in the projects

        • 2015

          The project expanded to include the senior one students of all public middle schools in Suzhou

        • 2016

          The project had covered all of the public schools in Suzhou including two primary schools, 19 Junior middle schools and 8 high school students so that 12.8 thousand students could benefit from the project.

        • 2017

          In addition to the fifth grade, junior and senior, this year's foreign teacher class program also covers the sixth grade students.

        • 2018

          In 2018, the program covers six public schools(4 primary schools and 2 middle schools) in Taicang.

        Number Of Students Benefiting From Foreign Teachers English Course Projects

        • 1440



        • 3200



        • 5800



        • 6100



        • 6300



        • 6800



        • 6700



        • 6886



        • 7700



        • 11000



        • 12800



        • 13000



        • 13500



        • 14000



        • 14500



        The Content Of Projects
        • Teaching events

          1、1.0Teaching contents and form
          2、Open class and academic meeting
          3、‘Same lecture different structure’ teaching act
        • Expanding Events

          1、‘Future Star’ English Presentation competition for middle school student and the debate competition for high school students
          2、Social-benefit activities
          3、Culture experience and promotion activities
        Project Management
        • 01

          Improve students’ English level

            The project are popular in project school, teachers, students and parents and they spoke...

        • 02

          Improve the teaching skills of local teachers

            Foreign teaching lecture become the practice base for local Chinese English teacher to l...

        • 03

          Improve the culture fusion between Chinese and western culture

            Project foreign teachers have been gone through the life of social and school under the ...

        • 04

          promoting the educational fairness

            In the past 10 years, the proj...

        Future Plan

        In the future, we will continue to work hard to make the foreign teacher class benefits for more schools and make more children who don’t need to go aboard experience and learn foreign languages and culture knowledge. We will also bring superior education resource to more schools and take international vitality to Suzhou’s education.

        · Revise and complete grade 8 teaching material ’My Topic’

        · Write primary school and high school students’ specialized teaching material

        · Establish foreign teacher class assessment test

        · Foreign teacher program benefit for more cities primary school and high school

        · Organize foreign teacher into the community, help the public benefit, go to the English teaching weak place to support education; operate the plan of distance education to Suzhou’s give assistance to an oriented area through Internet platorm